Cygnus (The Swan)

Inspired by the wonders of space; stars, moons, and galaxies combine to create an original painting that is out of this world. These paintings are full of texture, shimmer and sparkle. Each piece is full of holographic sparkle and a complimenting shimmer. Hidden within each painting is a glow in the dark constellation. Enjoy this painting 24/7, day or night!

8” original painting on synthetic paper mounted to a wooden circle cradle panel. Blush shimmer, holographic sparkle and silver stars.

Will come with hanging hardware and wire attached. Ready to hang. Edges will be painted galaxy black with some sparkle.

Shipping: World Wide Shipping available! Will be shipped to you in a protective box. 

Care Instructions: Although it is sealed with a UV protective varnish, please avoid hanging this artwork in direct sunlight. This will help keep it perfectly beautiful for many years to come!

**Note - Due to differences in phone and computer screens, colors may appear slightly different in person than on screen. I do my best to make sure my images are as close to life as possible. If you would like more pictures please email me at

There are several different myths behind Cygnus. In one, Zeus became enamored with the nymph Nemesis, who fled from the god's unwelcome advances by changing herself into various animals, according to Ian Ridpath's Star Tales, which compiles stories about constellations. Nemesis' godly pursuer kept up with her by transforming into even larger and swifter animals, eventually landing in the form of a swan, in which he caught and raped her. 

In other stories, Zeus took a swan's shape to seduce Leda, wife of King Tyndareus of Sparta, who also slept with her husband on the same night. Leda gave birth to an egg, out of which came the twins Castor and Pollux (represented in the constellation Gemini) and the beautiful Helen of Troy. 

Another version of that tale states that Leda actually gave birth to two eggs, one which produced the male twins, and the other which produced Helen and her sister Clytemnestra. To make things stranger, Zeus was said to be the father of Helen and Pollux, while Tyndareus fathered Clytemnestra and Castor.

Chinese accounts call Cygnus "Tianjin," or a ford or bridge, which crosses the Milky Way, known as "Tianhe," or celestial river, Ridpath writes. Ancient Hindu astronomers associated the starry pattern with the "Brahma Muhurta" ("Moment of the Universe"), a period between 4:24 and 5:12 in the morning that is considered the best time to start the day, according to Universe Today

Type: Original

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