Inspired by the wonders of space; stars, moons, and galaxies combine to create an original painting that is out of this world. These paintings are full of texture, shimmer and sparkle. Each piece is full of holographic sparkle and a complimenting shimmer. Hidden within each painting is a glow in the dark constellation. Enjoy this painting 24/7, day or night!

8” original painting on synthetic paper mounted to a wooden circle cradle panel. Gold shimmer, holographic sparkle and silver stars.

Will come with hanging hardware and wire attached. Ready to hang. Edges will be painted galaxy black with some sparkle.

Shipping: World Wide Shipping available! Will be shipped to you in a protective box. 

Care Instructions: Although it is sealed with a UV protective varnish, please avoid hanging this artwork in direct sunlight. This will help keep it perfectly beautiful for many years to come!

**Note - Due to differences in phone and computer screens, colors may appear slightly different in person than on screen. I do my best to make sure my images are as close to life as possible. If you would like more pictures please email me at elizabethkarlsonart@gmail.com

Leo Glistening gold empowers Leo’s warm heart and strengthens its positive spirit. Shining with royalty and class, gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige. So it’s no wonder Leo -- the King of the Jungle -- is stirred by this expressive hue. Gold gives Leo the attention it wants, and supports its generous nature and warm, optimistic outlook on life.


Constellation Leo in history and myth.

Leo the Lion has long been associated with the sun. The sun passes in front of the constellation Leo the Lion from about August 10 to September 16 each year. The ancient Egyptians held Leo in the highest esteem, because the sun shone in front of this constellation at the time of the annual flooding of the Nile River, the lifeblood of this agricultural nation.

It’s thought that the various lion-headed fountains designed by Greek and Roman architects symbolize the life-giving waters being released by the sun’s presence in Leo.

In astrology, Leo – one of the three fire signs of the Zodiac – is ruled by the sun.

Many stories are associated with Leo the Lion. Perhaps the two better-known tales feature Hercules’ first labor with the notorious Nemean Lion, and the Roman author Ovid’s rendering of the tragic love affair of Pyramus and Thisbe.


Type: Original

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